Restaurant Liquidation

Food service or restaurant liquidation present their own special set of challenges. Along with those challenges comes the opportunity for high returns on the value of your excess inventory. Around 30,000 restaurants on average open each year in the United States and out of those, more than half will fail within the first 3 years leading to restaurant liquidation. This is an unfortunate number that becomes even more difficult if you and your restaurant fall into that category. However, there is good news in those numbers when it comes to restaurant liquidation for your business.

Because there are so many new restaurants opening each year there is a high demand for affordable equipment to start up. This is where your restaurant’s used excess inventory becomes extremely desirable. By hiring a professional NJ liquidation company like Ideal Training for your restaurant liquidation you’re utilizing the many years of experience we have doing appraisals, promoting and auctioning the equipment that is specific to restaurant liquidation. Ideal Trading makes it their business to know what is in high demand within specific industries to ensure that we are able to get you the best return possible for your excess equipment. This includes but is not limited to the appraisal and sale of:

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

  • Commercial Kitchen 300x201 Restaurant LiquidationFlat grills & broilers
  • Cookware & kitchen tools
  • Commercial sinks & dishwashers
  • Food processors
  • Restaurant ranges
  • Confection ovens
  • Commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • Commercial ice makers
  • Walk in coolers and freezers

Bar and beverage equipment

  • Commercial Coffee Maker 300x219 Restaurant LiquidationCoffee, Tea, Espresso machines
  • Ice bins 
  • Kegerators/beverage coolers
  • Glass washers
  • Blenders, juicers, mixers
  • Bar furniture

By working with a NJ liquidator like Ideal Trading you are working with a group of appraisers and auctioneers that know your industry and what it takes to get you the highest return for your excess inventory after bankruptcy. We take pride in making sure your restaurant liquidation goes quickly and smoothly.

If you’re ready to work with a NJ liquidator for matters concerning restaurant liquidation, restaurant bankruptcy, asset recovery or excess inventory auctions please contact Ideal Trading by calling us at 973.343.6684 or by filling out the form to the left hand side of your screen.