Liquidation Services Simplified

When hiring a company to provide a service there is always a little bit of apprehension especially if the service offered is not a process you are familiar with. Doing a little research on the subject first can help to set your mind at ease when choosing the right company in which to give your business. In that vain, Ideal Trading Liquidation Company would like to take the time to educate potential customers on the ins and outs of the liquidation process from start to finish.

It’s important to know that liquidation is not only reserved for bankruptcy scenarios. A small business may have excess inventory left over from last season that they need to move in order to have room for next seasons stock. Regardless of the need for liquidation services, the process goes a little something like this:

  1. sec1 490x326 Liquidation Services Simplified A business determines what stock, excess inventory, or equipment they would like to sell and then submits this group of items to their chosen liquidation company.

  2. The liquidator will have an experienced appraiser on staff who will review and inspect the inventory based on quality, quantity, and product type. After, they will make a determination of the value of the lot.

  3. In most cases an offer will be ready and presented to a client within 24 hours of appraisal.

  4. shutterstock 92389156 490x327 Liquidation Services Simplified Once the offer has been accepted the liquidation company is responsible for coming to remove the lot at the client’s earliest convenience.

  5. A quality liquidator will pay for the excess inventory or equipment in cash or whatever payment method works best for each individual client.

  6. A receipt will be provided at the end of the transaction that entitles the business to certain tax write offs.

An experienced liquidator will know the market place and have well established relationships with buyers that will allow them to offer each new customer higher returns on the sale of their excess inventory.

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