Liquidation vs. Estate Sale

The term “liquidation” sometimes catches a bad rap because of its association with bankruptcy, foreclosure and/or going out of business. While asset liquidation does hold a prominent presence in these unfortunate situations, its usefulness does extend further to more elective situations. Estate sales, inheritance, moving and downsizing all fall into this category. An experienced liquidator like Ideal Trading can make any of these situations quick, stress free and seamless all while getting you the highest possible payout for your assets.

What many people don’t realize is that the benefits of liquidation in these situations actually make them a better option than a traditional estate sale. Traditional estate sales can take longer because they involve planning an open house. Once organized the home and everything inside is open to the public to view. This can put items at risk for damage or theft and your home at risk for damage from increased foot traffic. In addition a typical estate sale can last for at least 4-6 days to give the community ample opportunity to view the lot. This means strangers in and out of the home for over a week.

After all the trouble of planning, setting up, selling, and breaking down there is still no guarantee that all of the items will sell. In addition if a customer is unhappy with one of their purchases it is up to you to deal with the complaint. This is why working with an experienced and trustworthy company like Ideal Trading becomes more beneficial and lucrative.

Ideal Trading has expert appraisers on staff that will come to assess the lot and provide you with a guaranteed estimate for the entire lot within 48 hours. If the offer is accepted Ideal Trading’s team of experienced liquidation professionals will come, pack up the items, move them out and clean up before they leave. This means not only are ALL of the items purchased and gone, but that Ideal Trading is now responsible for selling the items outside of the home with much less disruption to your life and your neighborhood.

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