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In the world of small business liquidation there are no two businesses that are exactly alike. Each business has it’s own unique identity, equipment and inventory. A quality liquidation company recognises the fact that the needs of each small business during this difficult time differ and that in some cases after a bankruptcy, a small business liquidation may become a time sensitive matter.

Whether it’s time constraints set by banks or lienholders or a matter of litigation, Ideal Trading is a liquidation company with 20 years of liquidation experience. From excess inventory and bankruptcy to estate sales and auctions we treat each new client as an individual with special needs.

Ideal Trading is a liquidation company that understands that there are certain types of business liquidations that automatically become time sensitive upon closing just by nature of the business they do. Examples of these types of businesses include but are not limited to:

  • Restaurants – If a restaurant needs to close unexpectedly there may be thousands of dollars worth of food and other perishable goods that need to vitamins 238x300 Liquidation Company   Fast & Reliablefind a buyer before they expire. A good liquidation company will have relationships with these types of buyers already established.
  • Drug Stores – Vitamins, drugs, health supplements and certain sanitary products all come with expiration dates. There are buyers out there looking for these types of products and it’s up to your liquidation company to find them.
  • Beauty/Cosmetics – Hair and makeup products not only come with expiration dates but because of seasonal trend changes certain cosmetics may lose most of their value once they are considered to be “out of season”. Once their value is diminished it becomes difficult for your cosmetics 300x289 Liquidation Company   Fast & Reliableliquidation company to sell them at a more lucrative price.

Ideal Trading Liquidation Company has spent its 20 year history building relationships with buyers and learning the markets to gain real world retail experience. When it comes to time sensitive liquidations we are confident we can complete the sale of any excess inventory quickly and with the highest possible returns.

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