Liquidation Company For Bankers

Liquidation companies don’t simply liquidate businesses anymore. In fact, a quality liquidation company will have services that extend past the liquidation of goods to provide more comprehensive custom solutions to their customers. These services may be required by any number of individuals including small business owners, lawyers, the IRS and bankers.

Some of the services that an experienced liquidator can offer to a bank include (but are not limited to) the following:

Assets – A bank will sometimes need to know the value of an individual’s assets for a number of reasons. They may be processing a loan, placing a lien on a property or refinancing a loan. In any of these cases a bank will need an accurate asset valuation in order to move on.

Stock Portfolios – A bank will need to know the value of a business stock portfolio in order to approve a loan in the event that the company applies for one.

Inventory – Banks want to know the value of a business’s inventory as a matter of determining part of the business worth. Having the value of the inventory also assists for insurance purposes and the bank may require that the business carries a inventory 327x490 Liquidation Company For Bankerscertain amount of insurance to cover any losses.

Business Value – If a business still owes money to a bank the bank will need to know the value of the business in order to determine it’s debt to income ratio. A bank also has the ability to sell your loan to another bank and knowing the business value helps in this transaction.

Debt/Financing – When many individuals find themselves with a considerable amount of debt they will work with their bank or financial institution to find a debt or financing plan to pay off the large balance. A bank will need to know the value of homes and other personal assets before beginning the process of debt consolidation and/or payment plans.

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