Business Appraisal & Business Valuation

Business appraisals and business valuations are sometimes a necessary aspect of owning a business. Getting a quality appraisal is helpful for a number of reasons. Obtaining the proper amount of insurance coverage is determined by your business appraisal and business valuation. A business appraisal also may be necessary for any type of legal matter that may arise in regards to your business.

appraisal contract 300x200 Business Appraisal & Business ValuationFinding an experienced and trustworthy appraiser is imperative. After all, you’ve worked hard to build your business over the years so you want an appraiser who will realize the true value of the business. This is why it’s ideal to have an appraiser with past retail experience to give them a “real world” appraisal style rather than a theoretical approach.

New Jersey liquidator, Ideal Trading understands the importance of trust in a business relationship. Our appraisers have 20 years of real world business appraisal and business valuation experience that gives them the kind of confidence in their valuations that allows them to stand by their appraisals.

Our services are most generally requested for:

  • Insurance claims – we will stand by our appraisals to ensure your insurance company knows the true value of your inventory and equipment.

  • Dissolving a partnership – These situations can be complicated at times which is why it’s important to have a quality business appraisal and business court 276x300 Business Appraisal & Business Valuationvaluation to ensure everyone receives exactly what is due to them.

  • Tax planning – Knowing the value of your business helps to ensure you never overpay, or underpay on your taxes.

  • Litigation – In the event the court needs to know the value of your business and your assets, we will be there with you to stand by our business appraisal and business valuation.

  • Personal matters – This can include divorce situations and estate planning. Both are made simpler with a quality business appraisal and business valuation to back you up.

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