Appraisals & Their Benefits

There are a number of reasons to get appraisals on your personal belongings as well as your business inventory. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a retailer, or any other type of small business owner it is always a good idea to have professional appraisals done to know the value of your excess inventory and equipment for a number of reasons. At Ideal Trading we offer a number of different useful liquidation services including auctioning, building customized solutions for any type of excess inventory sale or bankruptcy situation and of course, appraisals.

Some of the reasons to have your inventory and equipment appraised for your small business are obvious while others may not have even been a thought. At Ideal Trading we’re happy to explain a few of the reasons why small business appraisals are necessary so you can make an informed decision.

  • Determining Solvency – In order to avoid insolvency which leads to bankruptcy it is important to know what your stock, inventory and equipment are worth. Appraisals help to determine what your value is in liquid assets and can help you plan financially for the future.

  • Insurance Coverage – In the unfortunate event of a total loss to your propertyAppraisal Agreement1 300x200 Appraisals & Their Benefits due to weather or fire etc, it is crucial to have appraisals for your belongings in order to provide your insurance company with accurate valuations so that they cannot claim that your lost inventory and equipment is worth less than it really is, resulting in a lower payout and possible financial loss for you.

  • Insolvency – In the event that your business is forced to declare bankruptcy, appraisals will let you know the value of the items that you possess in order to know how much to expect for liquidation purposes.

  • Liquidation – Whether you choose to sell you’re entire excess inventory and equipment lot at once to a liquidator like Ideal Trading or you decide to let your professional NJ liquidator auction your items off for you, you’ll be assured that you are receiving a fair price for the value of your leftover items.

If you’re ready to work with a professional NJ liquidator like Ideal Trading for their services including appraisals and auctioning for your excess inventory for matters concerning bankruptcy or estate sales please call us at 973.343.6684 or fill out the form on the left hand side of your screen.