2 Basic Reasons For Insolvency

With over 20 years of experience, Ideal Trading has helped to facilitate the most straightforward of liquidations as well as the most complex. No matter the reason for a small business liquidation Ideal Trading is confident that we can provide comprehensive solutions. There are hundreds of little reasons that cause a company to shut its doors and liquidate. These reasons could be anything from poor budget management and a bad location to growing too big too fast. Regardless of the underlying reasons, however, there are really only two overall reasons as to why a small business would liquidate.

1. The business owners have decided to close the business – This could be because they’ve come to a mutual agreement that they no longer wish to run the company or because there was an agreed upon time frame for the business and their time is simply up. A partnership could be dissolving or the owners may simply decide that it’s more fiscally beneficial to close the business rather than keep it open. Whatever the reason Ideal Trading has a number of different solutions to offer from liquidation to asset valuation.

hundred dollar bill bar graph 2 Basic Reasons For Insolvency2. The business has become insolvent – When a small business takes on more debt than they can pay back with the profits made from their company a business is considered to be insolvent. This can happen for any number of reasons and as a result these businesses will declare bankruptcy. Poor money management, growing too big too fast and overborrowing can all lead to insolvency. With a small business valuation from Ideal Trading, however, business owners are able to see the big picture and plan for the future.

Whether your small business is in need of a simple asset valuation or something more complex, Ideal Trading can offer customized solutions that fit each company’s unique needs. If one method isn’t the right fit for your company we will find the method of combination of methods that best suits your needs.

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